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East Fork, founded in 2010 by Alexander Matisse, sits at the end of a valley, between steep green mountains, near Asheville, North Carolina. 
Our objects are made entirely by hand, from North Carolina clay, in a dirt-floored workshop that smells of wood-smoke and pine.  We value old-world craftsmanship and an aesthetic quality unconstrained by time and place. 

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In the journal, read a conversation between Jessica Green of A Little Weather  and Connie that covers a whole lot of ground - from the rose-tinted glow of growing up in a Mormon community to the problem of craft in the context of Capitalism. 

We were also lucky enough to get just one very special, woven, naturally dyed 6 person place setting from our friend Jessica , though if it doesn't sell fast we're going to be hard-pressed not to bring it home with us. 

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