East Fork Pottery is nestled at the end of a valley on an old tobacco field, between steep green mountains, thirty minutes northwest of Asheville, North Carolina.  Founded in 2010 by Alexander Matisse & Connie Coady, the workshop is now home to potter John Vigeland and a growing team of apprentices. 

East Fork Line is simple and fundamental. Unadorned, the work is distilled to its essential elements: form and function.  It is durable and timeless, resistant to fashion and trends.  The pots do not designate a specific maker but are stamped, simply, EAST FORK.  They are made by all the members of our workshop. 

East Fork Guild, currently comprises John Vigeland and Alex Matisse.  Larger, more decorative work is made under this banner in small runs or as one-offs.  Though Matisse & Vigeland share materials and aesthetic values, you will find that each has their own distinctive style. 



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The Crew

Alex Matisse

Founder, Potter

Alex founded East Fork Pottery in 2010 to create a shared workspace where skilled, like-minded craftspeople could make work in an artistically supportive and symbiotic environment. 

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John Vigeland

CFO, Moral Compass

John joined East Fork Pottery in 2013 after three years of apprenticeship in Seagrove, North Carolina. John’s work is an organic union of influences from 14th century Korean pottery to modernist poetry to Mark Rothko and much in between. 

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Born and raised in North Georgia, Amanda had a brief stint studying ceramics in an academic setting, but intuited quickly that she wanted to more fully adopt the lifestyle of a working potter.

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Community Liaison

Connie brings her big city voice to our small town business.  She hopes to interpret our treasured North Carolina clay tradition to a broader, more diverse audience. 

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