East Fork Asheville

The Asheville Store features all of the East Fork Collection and a large selection of other useful objects for the home.  The space was designed by our friends at Shelter Design Studio and is a bright modern environment different from anything else you will find in Asheville.    

11 - 6 Monday through Saturday

12-5 Sundays

82 N. Lexington Ave.
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
828 222 0466


The Pottery

East Fork Pottery is located 35 minutes northwest of Asheville, NC.  All of our pottery is produced here and tours can be scheduled on Fridays at 10 am and 3 pm.  To schedule a tour please fill out the form below and Connie will be in touch to confirm your appointment. 



Guided tours of the workshop are offered on Fridays, when available, at 10 am or 3 pm. 

Please make an appointment to visit the workshop by filling out the form.  We’ll confirm within 48 hours. 

For your tour, Connie or Alex will be there to greet you, give you a little history about the business and our potters, show you around the workshop, and answer any of your burning questions.  Please note that work is only available for purchase at our Asheville showroom.

While you’ll certainly be able to meet Alex and John if they are around, please keep in mind that they are working and will likely be focused on their tasks - whether that’s making 150 mugs in a day or putting out or starting small fires on their phones or computers. 

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At this time tours are only offered on Fridays.
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Getting to East Fork:
East Fork is located an easy 35-40 minute drive from Downtown Asheville. The last few miles of the journey are a little steep and curvy.  Take them slowly and enjoy the scenery. Please drive very slowly down Ras Grooms Road (like 10 miles an hour!) there are often children and dogs playing in the road.  As you pull into our driveway, please park at the top of the gravel drive by the studio, keeping in mind that other cars might need to park beside you.

We suggest you wear shoes with good support that you don’t mind getting a little muddy.  While we promise not to put you to work, the ground is uneven and often damp.

    You are welcome to bring your dog - just let us know beforehand if you think of it. Our dog, Zuma, is quite friendly and not very territorial.  She might bark at you once or twice and then turn her tummy up to you to be pet.  She doesn’t offend easily, so ignore her if you’d like to!