Hello ABC!

I put together this page to show you our process and finished product for the wood-fired salt-glazed work. 

Firing the wood-kiln is an incredibly labor intensive process.  In the past we have fired 4 times a year, and each firing holds around 1500 pieces.  This draws out the process of sampling and final delivery to 5 or 6 months.  Each firing is different and the pieces are much more one of a kind.  

While making work in the gas kiln is fast and efficient there is a lot more romance and mystery in the work from the wood-kiln.  If you were interested in a project the used the wood-fired work we would love to talk about it but keep in mind that the timelines are long and the minimums would be much higher than for an order from the Collection.    We could also talk about a custom order of work from the gas kiln if you are interested in the more decorative surfaces or custom glazes.  

Feel free to reach out with any questions.  I am really excited to work with you all on something amazing!

-  Alex Matisse