Connie Rose MATISSE

Connie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She studied English Literature and Peace & Conflict Studies at the University of California, Berkeley and graduated in 2007.  In 2009, she moved from New York City to Madison County, North Carolina on a whim to take a job milking and tending dairy goats, cows and sheep on a small farm in Shelton Laurel.  One fateful Wednesday while peddling cheese in the basement of Mars Hill's defunct roller rink, she met Alex Matisse and became instantly confused - but nonetheless intrigued - by his plans to build a kiln and start a pottery at the end of sleepy  Ras Grooms Road. 

Connie oversees Creative Direction at East Fork Pottery, in addition to  managing the website & social media outlets, writing promotional material, coordinating pottery dinners & events.  Please contact her with any questions about East Fork Pottery you might have at connie@eastforkpottery.com

Headstands & Kiln Shelves - Photo by Tim Robison