Director of Marketing Operations
Asheville, NC

Description and Responsibilities:
East Fork is looking for a Director of Marketing Operations who is excited about being on the early stage leadership team of a fast growing, progressive company.  You will work closely with our sales and creative teams to set overall marketing strategy then plan, schedule, execute, and analyze across all channels.  

You will receive sales goals and updates from our production and planning teams and will build your marketing calendar around those goals.  

You, along with a marketing associate, will be responsible for the following:

Email: Plan, schedule, and execute our flagship weekly blast campaign as well as design and implement several automated campaigns.  You will work with a retention and lifecycle consultant to continue to build out and deepen our email program.  You will be responsible to give asset (creative and copy) requests to the creative team in a timely fashion so emails are batched as far in advance as possible.  

Affiliate partnerships:  Research, plan, manage, and launch an affiliate program of 50+ registered partners.

Facebook, Google Adwords and display: Manage a digital marketing consultant or agency to run a robust series of prospecting and retargeting campaigns across multiple platforms.

Website: Work with our E-commerce manager to run periodic A/B test to optimize landing pages, product pages, descriptions etc.  Manage SEO and SEM either in house or with an outside agency or consultant.

Leverage all Earned Media: East Fork is engaged with a PR agency who will be driving organic and earned traffic to the site.  It is your responsibility to ensure that tracking links are in place and we can effectively capture those audiences using retargeting, and standard acquisition strategies.  

Standard Outbound Strategy: Organize print campaigns, TV spots, and other more traditional outbound marketing strategies.  It will be in your court to identify times that this would be beneficial and bring those ideas to the executive team.  

...Understand the importance of social proof and have specific examples of how to implement in our marketing strategy. 
...understand the DTC Modern Luxury space
...are self directed and neurotically organized
...have an understanding of how to scale effectively and able to create LTV, CPA, CPC benchmarks and create comprehensive marketing reports on a bi weekly basis. 

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, liberal arts, or related field.
  • 3-5 years experience
  • Understanding of basic SEM / SEO
  • Experience in optimizing an entire funnel (online / offline)
  • Have a case study or hard numbers to share w/ a previous client on how you took them from point A to point B over a certain time period with X amount of spend.
  • Able to manage multiple items while delivering on a tight timeline.
  • A creative visual mind to understand strong brand identity
  • Network and interpersonal skills for good PR and Partnerships
  • Abstract thinking to draw insight out of funnel and conversion analytics, and turn this into action.
  • Agency network and experience to run effective offline campaigns.
  • Proficiency with InDesign, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, MailChimp, Kissmetrics, Referral Programs, A/B Testing Platform, Shopify and Moz.

Report to:  CEO
Collaborates with: Chief Creative Officer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, COO/CFO, Director of forecasting and planning.
Direct Reports: 1 Marketing Associate

Matching 401k Benefits

Company Overview:
East Fork Pottery is located in beautiful Asheville, NC.  At our heart we are makers: we produce every piece of ceramics we sell and source other objects for the home from near and far to offer a meaningful, beautiful, and personal collection of useful objects for the home.  

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