CHILD - Flower Arranging Workshop with Lady Luck


CHILD - Flower Arranging Workshop with Lady Luck


PLEASE NOTE! This item includes the prices of admission for children ages 8-12 and a handmade Small Egg Vase in the color of their choice.  

Wanna spend Mother's Day arranging flowers with your favorite kid? Bring them along! Kids ages 8-12 are invited to join the workshop for snacks, flowers, and quality hang time.  If your favorite kid is over 12, they'll need their own adult ticket.  Please send an e-mail to if you have any questions or concerns!

This $30 bitty bouquet ticket includes a Small Egg Vase in one of our spring-y new glaze colors Taro or Utah.

As a mama of a 3 year old, I hate to put an age limit on this, but ALSO as a mama of a 3 year old I can tell you that scissors and thorns and high tables in a shop full of breakable stuff doesn't make for a relaxing afternoon for mamas with toddlers.  The Bitty Bouquet ticket is reserved for kids 8-12.  If your child is over 12, they'll have a LOT more fun making an arrangement in a real vase - please purchase a full-size ticket.  

This ticket must be purchased with an adult workshop ticket - here

Sunday, May 13th from 10 to Noon

East Fork Asheville

82 N Lexington Ave. 

Asheville, NC 28801

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