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Yeah yeah yeah, it's the first day of the week and all that...more important, it's the first installment of a rather straightforward new series where we share things from the Internet we've recently been digging.  Give 'em a click to help yourself ease into your work week and don't be shy to share some of your recent faves in a comment down below.

  • Kelela's new album Take Me Apart is a must-listen.  Afrofuturist, deeply personal, glitchy R&B for an internet age on the brink of apocalypse.  When all else fails, dance.
  • Make sense of your stars with this  astrology account that doesn't skimp on stunning visuals.
  • Remember Reading Rainbow?  Ever feel pangs of nostalgia for LeVar Burton's soothing voice?  Good news: he has a podcast called LeVar Burton Reads.  It's just as it sounds:  LeVar picks a piece of short fiction and reads it aloud to you.
  • Photographer Vincent Ferrané's portraits of his breastfeeding wife feel intimate, reverent, and real.
From Vincent Ferrané's Milky Way

From Vincent Ferrané's Milky Way

  • Don't forget joy: our bop of the week is a dancey YACHT remix from 2010.  Does 2010 count as the good old days?
  • A short and sweet documentary focused on a group of high school Riot Grrrls ostracized and dubbed the "Dirty Girls" by their classmates in 1996 Los Angeles.
  • If you work in a remotely creative and/or digital field, this tongue-very-firmly-in-cheek post on McSweeney's might tickle your funny bone like it did ours.