One of my favorite shopgirl duties is experimenting with different arrangements of the objects we carry from makers all over.  Finding harmonious yet unexpected relationships between disparate natural textures and witnessing the vast versatility of East Fork pots has deepened my appreciation for materials to which I hadn't previously been drawn.  As an artist working primarily in textiles, I naturally gravitate to materials with natural softness, malleability, and movement - long story short, it’s taken me some time to get into glass, but the beautiful range of glassware at the shop has been the perfect starting place.


When Nanda Soderburg’s Loop Vases arrived at the store within days of these handmade glass dessert spoons from Max Frommeld, they quickly transformed our space. Each has its own playful yet refined sensibility, and they look just as sweet together as they do with our pots.

 A stem or two adds a little extra drama.

A stem or two adds a little extra drama.

Nanda Soderburg makes his Loop Vases in his New Hampshire studio, where he works with Murrine glass to create beautiful, bold objects for the modern home influenced by Italian midcentury design.  I love a vase that can stand on its own when I don’t have time to bother with flowers, and these are just that.  Equally stunning left empty on a shelf, mantle, or dresser as they are carrying a single stem, the three shapes look especially punchy arranged together in a low-effort, high impact grouping.  The artist makes us Loop vases in a classic clear and a complex amber, made custom for East Fork.


Spoons - Designed by German design engineer Max Frommeld and made in his London studio, these little spoons are perfect for stirring sugar, scooping salt, and savoring desserts with a special slowness.  Frommeld’s multidisciplinary design approach centers function and efficiency, with the intent to improve and enhance the objects essential to our daily rituals. Made from borosilicate glass - the same stuff your mom calls Pyrex - they’re more durable and heat-resistant than regular glass, so you can swizzle your sweet little sugar spoon in a fresh cup of tea without a worry.

 Spoon photos courtesy of  the artist .

Spoon photos courtesy of the artist.

 Photo courtesy of  the artist .

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Both the vases and spoons look right at home alongside the rocks glasses and tumblers we carry from Asheville artist Hayden Wilson, both store staples.